Vilayets of Anatolia


The vilayets of Anatolia rougly formed a rectangular shape. It is surrounded by a lot of water bodies. It has a variety of landscapes because of the complex movements of the Earth in the region. They get frequent earthquakes but rare volcanic eruption still. There are coastal areas that border the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and many others. The area is also gifted with mountains ranging from very low elevation to very high elevation. Another thing that’s important about the area is its central plateaus; they allow farming and breeding of livestock.

Importance, Natural Resources, Manufactured Products:

The vilayets controlled by the Ottoman Empire in Asia Minor all exported their goods directly to the capital’s empire, Istanbul. These small Vilayets were mainly agriculture other than the province of Istanbul. In agriculture the Anatolian territories mainly produced grains, fruits, and vegetables. The Vilayets close to the sea also did some fishing. In the province of Istanbul like Alexandria massive amounts ammunitions and navies were created. The location of Istanbul gave it numerous advantages. It lay on the crossroads of many trade routes so merchants were always in the city trading for goods.



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