Vilayet Monastir, Kosovo, Salonika, Janina


The Monastir Vilayet was part of the present-day eastern Albania, southwestern Republic of Macedonia and northwestern Greece. This means that it would have a high mountains, as the eastern part of Albania is full of highland and mountains. It would also contain the water body, Lake Ohrid as that is present in the southwestern part of Macedonia. Most of Kosovo’s terrain is mostly mountainous. It has very high mountains; the highest one is Deravica which is 2656 m. They whole province is divided into two main regions, the Metohija in the Western part and the Plain of Kosovo located in the East. The province is also gifted with a lot of water bodies, such as lakes and rivers. These aren’t the only landforms present, it also contains one of the world’s finest forests, the Belcon mixed forests. The Slaonkia Vilayet was bordered by the Aegean Sea on the east and present-day Turkey in the north.

Importance, Natural Resources, Manufactured Goods:

The Monastir vilayet was another valuable province for the Ottomans; it like Bosnia and Herzegovina had land fit for tobacco and also was another provider for metallic products due to its deposits of iron ore. Plus it was also one of the provinces that produced wine. On a small scale Monastir produced grew diverse fruits and vegetables.

 To the west of the Monastir vilayet was the vilayet of Salonika which produced flour, liquor and mortar (which was used extensively in Ottoman buildings). Salonika also had access to the Aegean Sea making it desirable trading destination. Salonika and Monastir were also major producers of textiles.  


 To the north of both of these vilayets was the Vilayet of Kosovo which was important due to its vast deposits of coal (which was needed to fuel the furnaces in many factories and was also the fuel for the many trains in the empire).

 On the Ionian Sea the Ottomans controlled the Vilayet of Janina, which included the major merchant city of Ioannina. This city received trade goods from Venice and other major trading cities. In return the city exported lots of its feta cheese which was greatly desired in Europe

Date Lost:

Vilayet Salonika: 1912

Vilayet Jannina: 1912

Vilayet Kosovo: 1912

Vilayet Monastir: 1912


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