Vilayet Tripolitania & Tunis



Tunis compromises of modern Tunisia. It has a lake going through it, named after itself, Lake of Tunis. It is actually on a hill that slopes down to the lake of Tunis. The hill it is on and the surrounding ones have altitudes beyond just 50 meters. Most of its land is very fertile as it is really close to the bank. Tripolitania is today known as the modern-day country Libya. The province has the Mediterranean Sea to its north. Some oasis can be found scattered in Libya. The deserts take a good amount of Libya’s Land and some of the deserts can’t even be used.

Importance, Natural Resources, Manufactured goods:

By 1880 Tunis was farthest the Ottomans were able to colonize westward in Northern Africa.  Tunis exported Olive oil, hand woven carpets, and other textile all over the Mediterranean Sea. The province of Tripolitania did not serve any important purpose to the empire. Tripolitania came under Ottoman control because the natives asked the Turks for protection from Christian raiders.


Date Lost:

Tunis: 1881

Tripolitania: 1912


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