Principality of Bulgaria & Eastern Rumelia


The southwestern part of Bulgaria is mountainous area consisting of two Alpine ranges Rila and Prin. Eastern Rumelia is a plain. It is between three different ranges of mountains, namely Balkan Mountains, Rhodope Mountains and Strandzha. It is known, popularly, as Northern Thrace to its inhabitants. It is surrounded by the Black Sea from the East, and mountains otherwise. It is a very fertile agricultural region.

Importance, Natural Resources, Manufactured Goods:

The Principality of Bulgaria and the Eastern Rumelia Vilayet (province) was an area where much of the industrial sector of the Balkans was located for the Ottoman Empire. It produced significant amounts of textiles, soap and leather products. The two regions have significant reserves of lead, zinc, and iron, making it a fitting area for metal industries.


Date Lost:

Principality of Bulgaria: 1908

Eastern Rumelia: 1885


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