Ottoman Syria


The Syria form Ottoman times included Syria and present-day Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank, and Gaza Strip. The Damascus and Aleppo Vilayet in this area, mostly consist of an arid plateau, but in the northeast where the Euphrates flows, the area is fairly green. The Beirut and Dayr-az-Zawr  Velayet is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the West. This Vilayet is mostly composed of valleys and is very hilly. 

Importance, Natural Resources, & Manufactured Goods:

Ottoman Syria consisted of the Aleppo, Dayr-as-Zawr, Beirut, and Damascus Vilayets. Vilayet Aleppo crafted gold and silver and other precious metals and stones. Dayr-az-Zawr produced cotton and mined salt. The Beirut province was famous for its production of silk. Because of the fertility of the soil tobacco and other fruits could be grown. The factories in Beirut produced paper, cement and textiles. The Syria Vilayet was mainly based on an agricultural society’ producing wheat, oil seeds, fruits, potash, and other vegetables Also this region was located on the land trading route between Europe and India making the region more or less prosperous.

Date Lost:

Vilayet Damascus: 1918

Vilayet Aleppo: 1918

Vilayet Beirut: 1918

Vilayet Dayr-az-Zawr: 1918


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