Island Colonies

Aegean Sea Archipelago



Crete is an island but a very mountainous one. Its character is defined as a mountain range going from West to East. All the mountain ranges present, gift the Crete Island fertile plateau. There are also a lot of rivers that cross Crete Island. The most known one is the leropotamos River on the Southern part of the island.  The Aegean Sea Archipelago consists of numerous small islands that are located between the Balkans and Anatolia

Importance, Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods:

The many island colonies that the Ottoman Empire controlled in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Sea played an important role in the empire. One industry that all these islands had in common was fishing. Many exotic fish were caught for and sold for a good sum to the rest of the empire. The island of Crete was most famous for the olives and citrons it produced then exported.  The Ottomans controlled the Aegean Sea Archipelago for its large reserves of marble and iron ore that were exported industrialized Ottoman cities. Another reason these islands were important was because it gave the Ottoman navy control of the whole Aegean Sea.


Date Lost:

Crete: 1912

Aegean Sea Archipelago: 1912


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