Vilayets of Bosnia & Herzegovina


Ottoman Bosnia and Herzegovina was a fairly mountainous region. Eastern Bosnia was heavily forested making it a good provider of wood. Also Bosnia and Herzegovina had many major rivers running through the province including the Bosna, Drina, Neretva, and the Sara rivers. The Ottoman provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina were larger than the present day republic including most of Slavonia, Lika and Dalmatia in present-day Croatia.

Importance, Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods:

Ottoman Bosnia and Herzegovina had metal working industries so the empire received numerous weapons and other metal products from this area. Also because of the dense forests in Eastern Bosnia this area was a good source of wood for the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire also received tobacco form these province because of the fertile plain in the region. It also produced different textiles for the Empire.

Date Lost:

Vilayet Bosnia: 1908

Vilayet Herzegovina: 1908


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